Breaking: Conservative Columnist Robert Novak Succumbs to Cancer

From Main Street Monroe:

Robert David Sanders "Bob" Novak (February 26, 1931 - August 18, 2009 was a syndicated columnist, journalist and conservative political commentator who wrote the longest-running current U.S. syndicated political column (45 years, as of February 2008).

Over his career, Novak became well-known as a columnist (writing Inside Report since 1963) and as a television personality (appearing on many shows for CNN, most notably on three former programs, The Capital Gang, Crossfire, and Evans, Novak, Hunt, & Shields).

Novak announced that he had been diagnosed with a brain tumor and that his prognosis was "dire" on August 4, 2008, and that he was retiring.

However, on August 27, 2008, he resumed writing opinion columns distributed by Creators Syndicate.


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