Border Between Canada and United States to Close Due to Coronavirus

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The amount of news popping off around the coronavirus pandemic has made every day feel like a year. The situation continues to escalate with each day with more and more drastic measures having to be taken.


According to Politico, Canada and the U.S have decided to close the border between the two countries to only non-essential travel. The move was announced Wednesday by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Donald Trump.

From Politico:

“People will not be allowed to cross in either direction for recreational reasons, Trudeau said. But “essential” travel — that delivers food, fuel and medicines into both nations — will continue”

While President Trump has repeatedly demurred at the idea of shutting down domestic travel, Prime Minister Trudeau said he’s “not taking any options off the table.” The move comes only two days after Trudeau initially closed Canada’s borders to all foreigners except Americans. While the border is effectively closed, citizens from both countries are still allowed to return home. The last time the border between the two countries was closed was in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

The response to the pandemic has rapidly escalated in the span of only a week. In seven days’ time we’ve seen the stock markets plunge towards a global recession, every major sporting league suspending their seasons, movie theaters, restaurants, bars close and multiple American cities go into lockdown. We are in uncharted territory here and more drastic measures are expected to be on the way as countries scramble to slow the spread of the virus.

Look, folks. If you aren’t taking this seriously, please do. If you’re lucky enough to work from home or have been given two weeks off, please utilize that option and stay home. Life as we know it is being completely upended. It’s highly inconvenient and to be honest, kind of scary. If we can all do our part and avoid exposing ourselves or others to the virus, hopefully this will all end sooner as opposed to later.

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Canada should just close the boarder to ALL Americans.. (similar to what the US wants to do with Mexico).