Booty Booty Booty Rockin’ Everywhere: Twerkers Take Over I-95 After Trump Stalls Traffic in South Florida

@jeffpearlman via Twitter
@jeffpearlman via Twitter

What do you do when Donald Trump causes traffic to stall on Interstate 95 as he makes his way to yet another golfing vacation at the South Florida resort he owns, Mar-a-Lago? If you are like these drivers, you get out of your car and start twerking on the highway.


Sportswriter and author Jeff Pearlman was on his way to dinner when he found himself stuck in a traffic snarl on I-95 in Palm Beach County on Tuesday evening. He thought it was because of an accident, and he began live-tweeting his traffic experience.

Twenty minutes into the traffic standstill, two people got out of their cars and began twerking in the middle of the highway. Amused, Pearlman captured 35 seconds of the dancing on video and shared it to Twitter with the caption, “Stuck in standstill traffic at an accident scene in South Florida. No movement in 20 minutes. This just happened … ”

“People keep getting out of the car dancing,” Pearlman said in his Twitter video, “which I’ve gotta say is pretty good entertainment considering how sucky this is.”

The video shows a woman and another person bent over on the highway, booty popping the way it was meant to be done, in standstill traffic on I-95, the likes of which we’ve not seen since Freaknik.

Pearlman posted another nine-minute Periscope video with his thoughts upon finding out that the traffic pile-up was because of Donald Trump.


“I am sitting in traffic because Donald Trump just landed at the airport,” Pearlman said. “Unbelievable.”

Pearlman later retweeted his Periscope video with the caption, “Fast forward bit—and this is what it sounds/looks like when a man who loathes @realdonaldtrump with every fiber in his body realizes he’s been stuck in traffic for 35 minutes because the president is here to play golf at the club he owns. #maga #asshole #RussiaGate


Well, at least he had the twerkers to keep him entertained for a while.