An excerpt from a Racialicious guest blog post

A few days ago, my cousin (“E”), his girlfriend (“J”), and I (“me”) met up with a married couple that they are friends with.  In this couple, the man is a white Australian man, and the woman is a Chinese woman.  (*1)  The guy’s a nice one, but he’s not killing it in the looks department.  The woman (also quite wonderful) is average-looking. (*2)  She’s pregnant.

So after we part ways, “J” (also Chinese) is excited about the baby, and she says, “I can’t wait for their baby to be born – she is going to be so beautiful.  Because she is Chinese and he is a foreigner, the baby must be so pretty.”

Record-scratch.  I look at her, “What?!”  I don’t say it, but I’m thinking – ‘Has she looked at the father?  What the Hell is wrong with people?’

Because this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this kind of thing.  I hear it all the time – “mixed kids are just so pretty.”  And – although I’d love to bathe in the ego-stroking that entails (an interesting counterpoint to “Asian men aren’t hot”) – I’m not having it.  And before I break it down further, let me just say my family is now chock-full of mixed kids, and there’s not a whole lot of “beautiful” running around (I’m so sorry family, but I just got to be honest here).  (*3) The few kids that are actually above-average?  Well, the ones with the above-average parents, of course.  Just like with the majority of pretty “mono-racial” children.

Amazing. You should keep reading. You really should.