Media Make Change, founded by Tara L. Conley and Trina Chiasson, is on a mission to empower underserved communities through "snew" (social + new) media, literacy and advocacy. Founded in 2009, they've thrown themselves into Haitian relief, setting up Project Haiti Speaks

Recent earthquakes devastated the country of Haiti and shook the entire world. Emergency disaster relief is our most pressing concern. We have already seen many governments, NGOs, individuals, and social networks mobilize to provide assistance in the face of disaster, but Haitian citizens and their friends and families will need much more help as they begin the process of rebuilding their communities. At Media Make Change, we believe that it is our responsibility as global citizens to lend a helping hand. We also believe that social and new media technology is an integral tool for giving voice to those affected by the recent disaster. In addition, a strong presence of Haitian voices in digital media channels will prompt online communities in countless locations to take action by contributing to on-going relief efforts.

Cool site. Definitely worth checking out.