Blog Noir: "Black Conservatives Smell Opportunity in the Tea Party"

Jill Tubman is befuddled by black involvement in the Tea Party movement, but thinks there's an easy explanation for the Angela McGlowans of the world.

Looks like some folks have been reading those tea leaves, honey! Basically, the Teabaggers have finally figured out their fatal flaw — the overwhelming whiteness of their movement in the face of a diversifying nation — at the exact same time a bunch of opportunistic African-Americans are sniffing around for free money and promotion-a-plenty. Republicans are between a rock and a hard place — with a few African-Americans willing to be the grease that reduces the friction.

Will racist tea partiers — the same people who bring guns to rallies and create signs portraying our President as the Joker, Hitler, Stalin or god help us, a monkey or an ape — vote for black candidates who publicly espouse their views? We’ll see.

Before the 2010 election season is over, expect to hear some black people throwing out the race card in a more nasty fashion than we’ve seen yet in order to prove their bona fides to this rabid & fear-driven audience. It’s about to get ugly, y’all. Remember Angela McGlowan’s face…We’ll be seeing more of her in coming days, I’m guessing. Sponsored by Fox News!


SOURCE: Jack and Jill Politics

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