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A South Carolina bank executive and business leader recently heralded for his innovation in the field of finance is now receiving even more accolades for his work in the minstrel ministry after he donned blackface to go to a Halloween party dressed as Trump supporter, Kanye West.

Banker Bryan Lenertz began his October being praised as a trailblazer in his role as the Horry County area executive of Anderson Brothers Bank, a community bank with $740 million in assets. As October comes to a close, Lenertz is now being lavished with more kudos from friends for his portrayal of MAGA Yeezy at a recent Halloween shindig.


According to sources who contacted The Root, “Bobo” Lenertz (yes, that’s his actual nickname) allegedly, reportedly, supposedly used the same blackface makeup skin bronzer preferred by Kim Kardashian, who was portrayed in Lenertz’s racist reenactment by his wife, Jess. And while this might seem detestable to some (not you, Megyn Kelly), Bobo the Bozo’s friends seemed to think he “killed it,” calling it “bootylicious” and “perfection.”

Illustration for article titled Blackface Is a Choice: Friends Praise SC Bank Executive For MAGA Kanye Costume
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At least one person who alerted The Root to the costume thought it was an act of “idiocy” and a “double dose of stupid,” completely ignoring Kanye’s testimony that the hat made him feel like he was Superman. And yes, as documented by this writer, whiteness is a superpower, although Dave Chapelle offered a solution to Kanye’s claim that his MAGA hat was like Superman’s cape, when the comedian advised:

“Nigga, just wear a cape!”

The tipster asked how ‘these people keep/get jobs,” adding: “I wonder if he’s [Lenertz] ever denied a loan to a person of color.”


Why would anyone think that?

Perhaps Lenertz can use black skin as a costume and a comedic device on the weekend, go to the office on Monday, look into the eyes of Anderson Brothers’ black customers he mocked during his weekend shenanigans, and treat them with fairness and equality. I’m not even saying Lenertz is racist, or that Anderson Brothers bank has any culpability in employing an executive who thinks blackface is appropriate.


Maybe Lenertz and Anderson Brothers Bank in Myrtle Beach, S.C., have the same policy as Kanye and Kim Kardashian West:

They ain’t fucking with no broke niggas.

An employee of the 85-year-old financial institution said The Root’s request for comment has been forwarded to the Anderson Brother’s executive management “to be handled.”

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