Black Woman Gets a Racist Surprise with Her Drive-Thru Order: ‘I Seek Justice for This Hate Crime’

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After ordering your food in the drive-thru, it’s only natural to check your receipt in order to assess the damage to your bank account. I mean, did you really need those carne asada fries?


But imagine pulling out of Who Dat’s—a drive-thru cajun spot in Oxford, Miss.,—with a bag full of andouille sausage and delicious ass boiled shrimp only to find this:

They’d have to charge me for cussing somebody smooth the fuck out because that’s what would happen next.

Yahoo reports that after the above picture surfaced on Twitter, an employee at the Oxford restaurant was fired.

Per Yahoo, here’s how the situation went down:

Alexia Washington said she and a friend visited Who Dat’s on Friday and placed a meal order, but what they were served disgusted them. “Something told me to look at my receipt,” Washington said, according to WMC Action News. Printed on the receipt were the words “Black bitches in silver car.”

Washington said she immediately reported the inappropriate receipt to Who Dat’s manager, who made the employee apologize. But she was still disturbed by the restaurant worker’s hateful message, so she decided to post an image of it on Facebook.


The crazy thing is Washington doesn’t even have a silver car. How you gonna be racist and color blind?

“My car isn’t silver, for one,” Washington wrote in the now-deleted Facebook post. “For two, I wasn’t rude. I didn’t have any type of hostility. He didn’t have any hostility with me.”


Also of note, the employee was only fired after Washington went public with the receipt.

She said that she asked that the man who wrote the receipt be fired and to be updated on the situation. When her texts regarding his employment went unanswered, she said, she decided to post the receipt.


“I seek justice for this hate crime and I will no longer remain silent,” Washington wrote on Facebook. “I’ve lived in Oxford for five years and I’m still having to deal with this type of ignorance. I’m not a rude or hateful person. I was not rude when I was at this establishment and was greeted with this kind of service. I will not stand for it.”

In an effort to properly address the matter, Who Dat’s owner, Wylie Coleman, met with Washington face-to-face to discuss “a broad range of issues and goals” after firing the employee and released an official statement on Facebook afterward.


“I am not only apologizing to her but to everyone & anyone that could subject to a label in life,” Coleman wrote. “I have taken the trash out on this instant [sic] that I am in control in, but I would like to inform everyone that I will not condone this anywhere.”


For what it’s worth, Coleman sounds genuinely sincere. Let us hope and pray Washington never has to deal with another situation like this again.

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“But imagine pulling out of Who Dat’s...”

No I can’t, because I would never go to some placed named Who Dat nor would I go to the Cracker Barrel. The name and it’s connotations just scream racist. Why is a White owned restaurant using a vaudevillian exploitative phrase to schill food to Black people? Why are Black people buying into this fuckery? Why are Saints fans using it?