Black Twitter Gathers Meghan McCain After She Disrespects Joy Behar, Patron Saint of Decorum, on The View

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Screenshot: ABC (The View)

By any and all metrics, columnist Meghan McCain is unremarkable in every way. In fact, once you remove nepotism from the equation, all you’re left with is temper tantrums and a striking resemblance to former U.S. Senator John McCain.


To that point, the conservative commentator pulled down her figurative pants and showed her entire ass on Monday’s edition of The View.

During a spirited discussion on the resignation of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and how border security will be addressed moving forward, the talk show descended into hostility as McCain proved herself incapable of shutting the fuck up while her co-host Joy Behar was speaking.

Here’s a transcript of their exchange, courtesy of CNN:

“[For] many friends of mine, this is the number one and only issue,” McCain began. “If we sit here and act like there isn’t a crisis, that it’s just crazy people living in border states that think that there’s a crisis, that is a winning ticket for Trump going forward.”

“That’s the way to solve the problem — keep them there, happy,” Behar said. “Give them a house, give them food, help them, help their children.”

“Give a Nicaraguan a house?” McCain said, cutting her off. “We’ve had a bunch of liberal guests who do not want to send in aid at all.”

“I’ve listened to you, let me just finish,” Behar responded.

“Part of your job is to listen to me,” McCain fired back. “Just saying.”

Before the situation escalated further, Goldberg jumped in.

“Here’s what’s not gonna happen today — we’re not gonna do this,” she said. “Everybody gets a conversation piece, everybody gets to say their piece, and we don’t need to comment if we don’t like what we’re hearing. Just let folks talk.”

Goldberg then turned to Behar and asked her to finish what she was saying, but a clearly startled Behar replied she “forgot what it was now.”

Shoutout to a clearly agitated Joy Behar for talking herself out of an aggravated assault charge, because at 75-years-young, prison wouldn’t be a good look.

But naturally, anyone who witnessed this foolishness was outraged. And many took to Twitter to drag the intractable McCain by her cascade of White Tears.


It’s more than clear that the conservative firebrand deserves to be reprimanded and forced to apologize on air, but we’ll see how this all plays out.

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There was a comment on Twitter with the frozen face of Joy Behar at that moment that read: Joy Behar found herself with the same issue that many black people have faced when dealing with an unruly white person: “Just how black am I going to have to be today, to deal with this shit?” Welcome to the club Joy.

As for Ms. McCain can we be honest, if she wasn’t a member of the lucky Caucasian fertilized egg club, these would be her career options:

1) Greeter at Wal Mart

2) Host at AppleBees

3) Substitute Teacher that is working on a self help book for ten years

4) Barista at Starbucks that can’t get an order right, mispronounces your name and can’t work the register

5) Day Stripper at Sapphire since she isn’t good enough for a night spot

6) Amazon Phone Rep.

I think that covers it. Feel free to add more.