Black TV Watch: Stevie, Tracy and Others Honor Eddie Murphy

Stevie Wonder and Eddie Murphy singing "Higher Ground" (Spike TV)

(The Root) — An array of comedic stars genuflected before their funny friend and inspiration Eddie Murphy. Read our recap to get a sample of the hilarity.

Eddie Murphy: One Night Only (Wednesday, 10 p.m. ET; Spike)

"I told you, I patterned my life after you and Evel Knievel." —Tracy Morgan

"Eddie is so funny, he made my prettiest aunt in my family laugh so hard she farted. Those are the standards Eddie Murphy set." —Tracy Morgan


"When he was 9 years old, we got into a snapping contest, and I'll never forget, he told me my nose looks like an upside-down black power symbol. That joke still works to this very day." —Charlie Murphy

Highlights: Eddie Murphy was honored for contributions to comedy Wednesday night on Spike. That meant watching Tracy Morgan come out in a "sexy" red leather suit with an oiled chest, in homage to Murphy's Delirious comedy concert film, and listening to Chris Rock's stories of how Murphy treated white women in the club, among many other heartfelt recollections from some of the world's top comic and acting talent.

It was a room full of funny men — Tyler Perry, Arsenio Hall, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Adam Sandler, Charlie Murphy, Samuel L. Jackson and Martin Lawrence all paid tribute to Murphy as well. But the highlight of the night had to be when Murphy left his seat, jumped onstage and sat beside Stevie Wonder as they traded lines, singing the musician's 1973 funk workout, "Higher Ground."


Celeste Little is an editorial intern at The Root.

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