Black TV Watch: Kenya Starts Another Fight

Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart of Real Housewives of Atlanta (Bravo)
Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart of Real Housewives of Atlanta (Bravo)

(The Root) — RHOA is quickly becoming one of our favorite shows this season. With creepy old exes, miles of shiny weave and a brand-spanking-new hater, Kenya, who is most definitely hated right back, we just can't get enough. Plus, we tuned in to one of our oldies but goodies, Treme, where things were just sad.


The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Sunday, 9 p.m. ET; Bravo)

"Google me, honey! Wiki me!" —Kenya Moore

"Google you? From when? It's not even in the search engine! It's so old!" —Porsha Stewart

"Actually, I need two keys. I need a key to the house and I need a key to your heart." —Gregg Leakes

"Get you a key to a hotel room that's down the street." —NeNe Leakes

Highlight: Kenya is rude. That's not news to us after she played those Jet models on episode 1. But what is a shocker is that Kenya is sensitive, especially with a mouth like that. On this episode, she attends new girl Porsha's charity event, and when Porsha calls her "Miss America" instead of "Miss USA," she gets mad enough to storm outside. Porsha tries to talk through it with her but eventually ends up kicking Kenya off the property. Seems like this new girl just can't get it right.

Plus, Gregg's old behind is persistent about pressing NeNe for keys to the house. He wants back in, bad. The two share champagne and a pedicure, and he thinks NeNe ought to share the love, too. As an incentive, he gives her the keys to his house and his heart. Good thing they're all on the same key ring — otherwise this could get confusing.

Treme (Sunday, 10 p.m. ET; HBO)

"I just needed some quiet company" —LaDonna Batiste-Williams

Highlights: Episode after episode, LaDonna has been working to keep her bar, Gigi's, open, and episode after episode she's been running into trouble. This week, trouble comes in the form of stalkers we've met on a previous episode. They tragically burn the bar down. She visits Albert during one of his chemo treatments to try to get her mind off things. In the meantime, Janette's restaurant is doing well, which is stressing her out. Davis screws up his relationship with Annie by coming into one of her recording sessions drunk and unannounced. We could use drinks, too, after watching this. It's pretty sad.


Ep. 30 - Recap

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