Black folks are fond of the Twitternets, more so than their White counterparts. While Business Insider explains why this might be, Black Voices explores another angle.

Those are all pretty interesting insights, but I think Business Insider is missing out on the very obvious fact that blacks and Latinos often prefer to stay connected with the kind of immediacy that Twitter allows. Our culture is very much one of talking and direct confrontation, so Twitter naturally flows well with the way we communicate — on the go, shouting out to people, and saying "hi," even if virtually, to everyone we meet. Twitter is almost like a digital barber shop or hair salon where you can share insights with everyone you know and love at once. Of course black folks love it!

It will be interesting to see if African American business people and politicians will be able to take advantage of what could prove to be a lucrative, condensed audience of young blacks in the coming years. Only time will tell, but this is an interesting find that our community should take advantage of.


SOURCE: Black Voices


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