Black-on-Black Crime: Chicken Wings?

Who would have thought it? Racist chicken wings. Big Shot Bob's House of Wings in Avalon, Pa., has come under fire for having a wing flavor called "Black on Black Crime." The restaurant features more than 100 different wing flavors. After WPXI News featured the restaurant in the "Pittsburgh Best Wing Contest," complaints started coming in from viewers and Facebook users about the name of one of the wing flavors. Matt Cercone, owner of the restaurant, says that if he had known this would happen, he would not have put the flavor on the menu. Umm, hmm. Black-on-black crime is never funny or sarcastic, so why does it take drama for Cercone to do the obvious? And if you think it can't get any worse, it does. The flavor was supposedly invented by a loyal African-American customer. Cercone, who has received death threats and threats to boycott the restaurant, pulled the item off the menu. Death threats over chicken wings is extreme and unnecessary, but so is naming a chicken wing Black on Black Crime. For the brother or sister who came up with the name, where is the Drop Squad when you need them?



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