'Black Man' Cookies Are Big in Romania?

Black Man cookie (Gawker)
Black Man cookie (Gawker)

Via Gawker: A report that Romania is selling "Black Man" chocolate-flavored cookies. Based on a photo posted in Copyranter, the cookie appears to have coarse hair, closed eyes, a wide nose and big lips. It is sporting a Superman cape with a "B" inscribed on a plate in the front.


This looks like the latest in a long line of consumer products designed to profit from racial stereotypes. Remember Obama Waffles, which were sold by a conservative political forum? And who could forget the Obama Chia Pet?

Not that we expect Europeans to view racial politics and cultural sensitivity the same way we do, but how about having a little respect — and, perhaps, some common sense?


Come on, a "Black Man" cookie is crazy.

Read more at Gawker.

In other news: Police Arrest BART Protester.

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