Black Farmers Stiff-Armed Again


The Senate advanced a bill aimed at averting a government shutdown as lawmakers plan to exit to prepare for elections. The measure easily advanced, 83-15, Tuesday on a procedural vote that puts it on track to pass the Senate on Wednesday, and the House could clear it for President Barack Obama before the budget year ends at midnight Thursday. The problem is that in order to speed the measure through, lawmakers ignored Obama-administration pleas for add-ons such as $1.9 billion for "Race to the Top" grants to better-performing schools and more than $4 billion to finance settlements of long-standing lawsuits by black farmers and American Indians against the government. Take the needle off the record. We're not convinced by the "Race to the Top" program, but we are certain that black farmers and American Indians should receive their settlement. What part of "the government owes black farmers this money" does Congress not understand? Talk about blatant racism, disrespect and disregard for the lives of people of color. The nerve of these millionaires to go gallivanting to their multimillion-dollar political campaigns while ignoring this settlement? It is unacceptable, unconscionable, cruel and unfortunately usual. We are heated over here at The Root.

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