Black Family Has Cars Set on Fire and ‘Trump 2020’ Spray-Painted on Their Home

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In further proof that Trump supporters are the worst kind of trash, a Black family in Texas had their cars set ablaze and “Trump 2020” spray-painted on their garage door.


NBC News reports that 36-year-old Jayla Gipson said her adult son was using the restroom shortly after midnight last Wednesday when he noticed the smell of smoke. He went outside and found that the family’s two cars had been set on fire and the house had been vandalized.

“It’s definitely a hate crime,” Gipson told NBC News. “‘Trump 2020’ was sprayed on our garage, our ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign was spray-painted, and our cars were engulfed in flames.”

Gipson said that the family hadn’t experienced any prior racist incident in Little Elm, the Dallas suburb where they reside. Gipson added that she placed a Black Lives Matter sign outside her home shortly after Thanksgiving and she believes that’s the reason for the attack.

“It’s horrible,” she told NBC. “Had that sign not been in my yard, I don’t think this would have ever been an incident for us.” Gipson added that she’s happy her 12-year-old daughter was unharmed as she sleeps in a room that’s next to the garage.

Little Elm police responded to the incident and while no arrests were made at the scene, there is currently an ongoing investigation to find who was responsible.

Shit like this is what makes it so infuriating whenever I hear the Candace Owens and Ben Shapiros of the world talk about “civility.” Sure, I may generally label Trump supporters whiny little assholes who couldn’t hack it in a system built directly to their benefit, but I’m not out here defacing folks’ homes. I’m not driving cars into groups of protesters because I disagree with them. I’m not going to a protest with an AR-15, instigating shit, and then fatally shoot two people.


You know why? Because I’m a civil fucking person.

Should this story also make your blood boil, how about directing that anger towards something positive? A GoFundMe was launched by neighbors of the family to help cover the cost of the damages, so if you can, maybe throw a little change their way. While Gipson is happy for the support she’s received from the community, she is still appalled that this even happened in the first place.


“My life does matter, and regardless of how anyone feels or what their beliefs or opinions is—it’s something that I’m voicing to the universe,” Gipson told NBC. “Black lives matter.’”

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More right-wing domestic terrorism. Shooting one of these racist, trump-loving motherfuckers wouldn’t just be self-defense, it would be a public service.