Black Enterprise explores the financial impact of sex scandals. (Black Enterprise)

Black Enterprise has put together a slide show of famous celebrities, mostly politicians, who have lost out financially because of sex scandals uncovered by the media or legal authorities. The motley crew includes Arnold Schwarzenegger, who could possibly lose $300 million over his recent admission of an affair and fathering a child.

Kobe Bryant is in the mix, having lost high-profile endorsements with Nutella and McDonald's when he was accused of rape in Colorado. Bryant has since rebounded, but not so much Kwame Kilpatrick, former mayor of Detroit, who lost his salary and his freedom. Perhaps Tiger Woods should be the poster boy for sex scandals that negatively affect finances. The divorce alone is thought to have cost him anywhere between $100 million and $400 million. We hope it was worth it, pun intended.

Read more and check out the photo gallery at Black Enterprise.

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