Black Conservative Doesn't Want Oprah to Interview Obama on Christmas

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I ran across this provocative (I mean ridiculous) article entitled Oprah and Obama: A socialist Christmas.  It was written by Republican African-American schoolteacher Lisa Carter over at Examiner.  While Carter isn't teaching America's next generation, she's busy spreading her anti-Obama venom and looking for members to join her down-with-Oprah crusade. Carter hates the idea that Oprah will interview President Obama during the televised ABC special Christmas at the White House.  The interview will be the first between the president and the Queen of Daytime TV since the election.  Carter says,

"For liberals, this is great. It shows "diversity" by having an African American woman interview the first African American president. But for realists, this is yet another strike against African Americans."

Carter believes Oprah is bad news for other Black women because Oprah's success has been built on the heartstrings of white women.  Carter also believes President Obama is a half-White trickster who was raised by white grandparents and uses the race card when he sees fit.  I think she's referring to Obama's public scolding of the Cambridge police during the Henry Louis Gates profiling incident.  She also feels Obama's blatant disregard for Booker T. Washington school of self-reliance is a full acceptance of socialism, i.e. handouts to the needy.  It appears Carter was given a scholarship to UCLA and discovered she didn't deserve it.  In fact, she says Affirmative Action harmed her.  During her stint at UCLA she claims she wasn't able to keep up with the other students.  Poor Lisa.  I guess her bleak black beginnings didn't prepare her for the wonderful world of UCLA.  Note to Lisa Carter: try a little extra study time.  Does the brain good.  If anyone runs into this California schoolteacher, please oh please, tell her that Oprah's ABC interview with Obama will not be a coded message for socialists everywhere to take to the streets.

Keith Josef Adkins is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and social commentator.

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