People from all corners of the internet have been side-eyeing the essentially all-white cast of HBO's Girls, while others have been passionately defending the series as a realistic portrayal of a certain type of social life (not to mention a reflection of a good formula for bringing in ratings). The New York Times declared that the colorless casting was "the symptom, not the disease."


According to Jezebel, the debate may be over — or at the very least even more layered. A tipster sent the site a casting notice that suggests some racially diverse characters are in store ("And some of them aren't even 100 percent stereotypical," Cassie Murdoch notes). Note that the black character is also a lesbian. Two diversity birds with one stone?

From Jezebel:

[TAKO] FEMALE, AFRICAN AMERICAN, 23-26 years old. Adam's best friend. A tough, tiny lesbian. RECURRING. Likes: biking without a helmet, making her own soap and preserves, bar fights, Brigitte Bardot. Hates: needy girls, most of Manhattan, the messages her mom leaves on her machine, when Adam lames out and stays home.

 [SAKE BAR WAITER] MALE, ASIAN, 20S-40S, delivers sake that Marnie and Jessa did not order…(1 LINE)

[JUNKIE WOMAN] FEMALE, PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES, WORN 30S/40S. Woman yelling loudly in the Emergency Room, demanding vicodin for pain. (1 SCENE)


[GAVIN] MALE, CAUCASIAN, LATE 20S, BURLY GUY, plays Adam's overacting scene partner in his play. (2 SCENES)

One of the writers on Girls responded to the initial wave of criticism by tweeting sarcastically, "What really bothered me most about Precious was that there was no representation of ME," prompting Atlantic blogger Ta-Nahesi Coates to ask "whether you really want black characters rendered by the same hands that rendered that tweet." Looks like we'll probably have the answer to that question this season. Careful what you ask for.


Read more at Jezebel.

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