Bish I Be Running, Week 5: No Pain, No Gain?

Not sure if y’all noticed, but last week this training diary took a week off. But it was for good reason.

In what would have been week four of Bish I Be Running, I sustained a minor injury (read: I got hurt up, y’all). But I’m OK now! Thanks for your concern.


Long story short: at the top of week four, I took a spin (cycling) class (I enjoy spin during scheduled cross-training days) and hurt my knee. Yes, I went a little too hard. Someone save me!

Here’s the play-by-play: I took a spin class at a particularly posh studio last week. The music was bumping and I was feeling great. After a warm-up, etc. the class was on a “hill,” so the resistance was all the way up. It felt like my legs were in quicksand. After about four minutes of struggling, the class gets to the very top of the hill (Amen!), and the instructor tells us to lighten the resistance and sprint.


“Let’s get it,” I said to myself. I was in a class full of yuppies (remember, I was at a posh spin studio), and my competitive side wouldn’t allow any of these complete strangers to beat me. I said to myself, “Oh hell naw, these people aren’t going to sprint faster than me!” and proceeded to sprint as fast as possible. In fact, I was so fast that the stationary bike bucked. Yikes. After adding more resistance, I got my bearings and finished the class strong. I made it—it’s all good.

Or, so I thought.

My knee shellacked in Biofreeze.
My knee shellacked in Biofreeze.
Photo: Felice León

The next day, ya girl had the limp of life. I could barely walk down the stairs. I took the rest of the week off (and skipped the week’s long run). I consulted with my coach (who is also a doctor), iced my knee and took it easy. He said something in my knee (I forget the exact part or the medical terminology) was inflamed, but that I’d be OK.

While I was out for the count for a little bit, last weekend, I ran.

My legs took me from Queens to Manhattan, and back. I ran 18 miles—and made better time than my previous long run (1o:05/mile, ayyyeee!) While I typically run with a team, due to differences in pace, etc. I ran most of the 18 miles by myself. My music was blaring, my lips were chapped but most important, my legs were moving. Part of me was fantasizing about race day; the other part of me was wondering what I’d eat when I made it home.


A few hours later, I had the worst headache—dehydration can do that—and guzzled a ton of water to no avail. That evening, I even threw up. While I haven’t figured out the cause of it all, I’m better now! No worries, y’all!

No pain, no gain. I guess?

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Screenshot: Felice León

I am running the New York City Marathon with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in honor of loved ones who have fallen to cancer. To donate, click here. I’ll see y’all at the finish line!

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You gave yourself a migraine from dehydration. How about drinking Gatorade before and during your run? Or some water with sea salt?