Biracial Teen’s White Mom Suspected in Racist Graffiti Probe

Andrea Brazier
Screenshot WCVB-TV 5 
Andrea Brazier
Screenshot WCVB-TV 5 

A white Massachusetts mother, whose biracial son was the alleged target of racist graffiti scrawled on the side of their home, is now at the center of the investigation, the Huffington Post reports.

Police are examining handwriting samples of the mother, Andrea Brazier, after she reportedly said, “OK” when an FBI agent investigating the potential hate crime suggested that she spray-painted the house, according to the Lowell Sun, which cites court documents in the case.

The explosive case emerged last month when Brazier, a resident of Lunenburg, Mass., told police that someone had spray-painted a racist message on the side of her family's house on Nov. 15. The message reportedly read, "Knights don't need n——-s," and appeared to target Brazier's son, Isaac Phillips, 13, a former player for Lunenburg High School's football team, the Blue Knights.


The accusation forced the team to forfeit the remainder of the season while police focused the investigation on members of the Blue Knights—some of whom have been accused of using racial slurs to taunt competitors in the recent past, the report shows. Additionally, the teen’s father, Anthony Phillips, who is black, said his son had been bullied by his teammates. But on Monday, the police announced that the team had been cleared in the case.

The teen has since transferred to a middle school in a neighboring community, the report shows. The investigation continues.

Read more at the Huffington Post and the Lowell Sun.

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