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I'm not a fan of weight-loss shows because I'm on Team Big Girl and not for nothing. A recent poll from a dating site confirmed what the barbershop has known for years: Most men think big girls are better in bed. Of course, they have fine personalities, too: Multiple degrees and the whole nine. But for all the single, skinny women hating on a brother with a big woman of any color, wondering what he could possibly see in her? You can now declare that mystery solved. So goodbye, Jada Pinkett; hello, Jill Scott. This is the age of the big girl. Most of the brothers I know want that big love.


All you have to do is look at the music-video models and the emergence of BBW adult film queens to get some sense that skinny girls are no longer the business. I don't know what we attribute it to — who was really the first smokin' hot BBW? —- but nobody is winning quite like the big girls. It's sad that some big girls are trying to go small for whatever reason, and they never look quite right. Something gets lost in the downsizing. Dieting is one thing, but some have surgeries that often fail or have dire consequences. Eff it all, I say. Eat better, but don't eat less, girl.

Now it's true that over 78 percent of black women are overweight and 50 percent are obese, a health problem to be concerned about to be sure. A couple of years ago, it was sexy to suggest that black men were responsible for black women being overweight because black women felt pressure to maintain that standard of booty beauty, as there is some idea that black men may generally prefer big women. I don't know about that. I just know that tiny girls are aight, but big girls stay winning.


And that's cool with me.

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