Big Beauty Tuesday: How Do You Treat Yourself?

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Photo: Maiysha Kai

Spring has supposedly sprung (and Chicago is slowly but surely getting the memo), and while some are scheduling time for spring cleaning, after weeks of being buried in boxes, I feel the need to indulge a bit. What does that mean? Spending a little more time on me than on work—like that long lunchtime stroll I recently took through my new hood that ended in a new eyeshadow palette at Ulta. Or following up a doctor’s appointment with a long-overdue yet still impromptu pedicure. Or splurging on a brand I’ve long wanted to try on my hair ... you get the idea.


Maybe it’s the longer, brighter days that are shining a light on all the ways I’ve been neglecting myself (or the realization that I have another birthday in a few weeks), but I can’t think of a better time than the present to treat myself well—and to treat myself to a few things I’ve long wanted to try.

First up? A virtual trip to Sephora, to try black-owned luxury haircare brand Briogeo. This is a brand I’ve been dying to dig into but dared not, for fear I become addicted—because $115 hair masks and moderate editorial salaries don’t mix (okay, that’s for the 32 oz. jumbo size, but that’s how addiction works, y’all). But as if they’d read my mind—or my follicles—I stumbled upon a TSA-approved three-piece sampler of their bestselling Don’t Despair, Repair! Repair + Strengthen collection ($25) while shopping for upcoming travel. Sold!

Perfect for all hair types, inside the perfectly-sized (and reusable!) neoprene bag are miniaturized versions of the brand’s Don’t Despair, Repair! Super Moisture Shampoo ($36 for 16 oz.), Deep Conditioning Mask ($36 for 8oz.), and Strength + Moisture Leave-In Mask ($28 for 4oz.) And I don’t know if it’s my renewed dedication to self-care or the friggin’ incredible feel of my hair after using this stuff twice this week (because the smell alone made me want to come back for more), but suddenly, it doesn’t seem so pricey, after all. Yep, pretty sure this is how a habit forms. Thankfully, those samples are surprisingly generous.

Then, there was my sudden craving for color—no doubt an offset of the changing season. I swear, I hadn’t planned on dipping into Ulta while on an otherwise uneventful trip to the grocery store, but since I’d made it my mission to find one that carried Juvia’s Place (or to at least compel them to), in I went—and out I walked, with a super-saturated Masquerade Mini palette ($25) in hand. Now, admittedly, the main caveat to the instant gratification of grabbing this palette is that I could have copped it for a full $7 less from Juvia’s itself. But I’m telling myself the trade-off is indicating to Ulta that this is a brand they should keep stocked in stores.

Of course, I immediately went to town on my new purchase, layering shades of blue from turquoise to cobalt (Zola, Dalia and the appropriately named Chi, to be exact) on my lids, before adding several layers of Pat McGrath Labs FetishEyes mascara ($28), another new, not-so-cheap favorite. Admittedly, the look might’ve been a bit much for a post-work trip to the chiropractor, but the ladies at the nail salon seemed into it if a little disappointed that I opted for my standard beige polish. (And as reported on Monday, McGrath’s likely going to give me another run for my money when she drops her Eyedols eyeshadow singles ($25 each) on Thursday, so pray for me.)

But after a frankly luxurious day, all I wanted to do was take it all off, which I did, with a three-part cleansing and moisturizing regimen using the all-natural Pholk Beauty’s Glow Replenishing Face Wash ($20), Honeysuckle Rose Face Mist ($20—founder Niambi Cacchioli included a note, letting me know it’s also great for use on a cotton pad as a toner—love that versatility!) and H2Oil Hemp x Hibiscus Night Oil ($27). Yes, it cost more to take off my makeup than put it on—and again, it was worth every penny. Plus, the actual smell of petals on my skin reinforced the reason for the season.

Of course, not every indulgence has to be expensive—or even monetary. But between holidays and birthdays, how are you treating yourself? What things—large or small—can you be doing to prime yourself for a new, warmer season, and hopefully, good things to come? Just a little seed to plant in your mind ... because it’s once again time to bloom!



It’s not quite Treat Yo’self levels of indulgence but I got a prescription for Chantix. Hoping to be smoke free by my 40th. Then I get to have the fun of scrubbing tar off my walls but it will be nice to have a house and clothes that only smell like my dog instead of a dirty ashtray.