'Big B'—and the 'B' Stands for Biden-Harris

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Photo: Kevin Winter for Coachella 2018 (Getty Images)

In case you didn’t know, Beyoncé has officially endorsed presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden for this year’s election.


The Texas-born songstress took to Instagram to upload a boomerang, sporting an all-too-appropriate “Biden Harris” face mask. (We love a socially responsible queen.) In her caption and subsequent post, she urged her followers to exercise their civic right to vote with the message: “the most important drop is at the ballot box.” Fitting, given the latest drop of her athleisure brand Ivy Park ‘Drip 2’ nearly broke every internet shopping cart just a few short days ago. Between running the world, a successful clothing empire, and driving cultural conversations, one might wonder what’s left for Beyoncé to run next? The answer? A successful home life.

The Black Is King artist recently covered British Vogue’s December 2020 issue where she spoke candidly about her creative process, the current social climate, and finding her joy. “I truly cherish this time with my family, and my new goal is to slow down and shed stressful things from my life,” she explained to the magazine. “I came into the music industry at 15 years old and grew up with the world watching, and I have put out projects non-stop. I released Lemonade during the Formation World Tour, gave birth to twins, performed at Coachella, directed Homecoming, went on another world tour with Jay, then Black Is King, all back to back. It’s been heavy and hectic. I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on building my legacy and representing my culture the best way I know how. Now, I’ve decided to give myself permission to focus on my joy.”

Part of that joy is watching her eldest daughter, Blue Ivy grow and evolve. “Blue is very smart, and she is aware that there is a shift, but it is my job as a parent to do my best to keep her world as positive and safe as can be for an eight-year-old,” Bey gushed.


And speaking on how the pandemic has affected her personally, she had this to say: “It would be difficult to experience life in a pandemic and the current social unrest and not be changed. I have learnt that my voice is clearer when I am still. I truly cherish this time with my family, and my new goal is to slow down and shed stressful things from my life.”

Oh, and she peeped your Halloween tributes.



I’m even hesitant to say this is a good thing, because while yes, it is good that a popular celebrity is publicly supporting NOT enriching the flames currently eating this country up, it’s hard not to feel like (especially in an election where most people have already voted) this is too little to really do any good.

Let me explicitly state that it is not Beyonce’s job to encourage ANYONE to vote in ANY way. And I’ll even extend enough humanity to admit that it is not her job to support a candidate that will likely be SOME sort of net loss for her financially (I mean, she’s going to earn millions and millions of dollars forever, to be sure, but she would probably get more in tax breaks under the Orange Foolius).

But waiting until a few days before an election to support someone kinda seems like hedging your bets and waiting until it’s too late to influence many people, maybe because you kind of like the idea of becoming the second Black female US celebrity to “earn” a billion dollars.

Again, saving us is not her job, but really, what good does it do to shout out a candidate when 50-90% of ballots have already been cast? Even when it comes to making up minds before voting, like had Cardi B endorsed Bernie a month or two earlier in 2016, we could’ve had a bad bitch...(and eat shit, trolls, I love Bernie Sanders and you’ll stay mad about it!)