Beyoncé's Hair Might Not Change the World

Beyoncé (Instagram)
Beyoncé (Instagram)

(The Root) — The only thing that might have possibly caused more black hair buzz than this would have been if Oprah decided to go all the way natural and appear on her magazine cover post "big chop."


You've certainly heard by now: Beyoncé has ditched her weave for either a brand-new pixie cut or a realistic-looking short weave. (Set aside tens of thousands of words' worth of space on the Internet for a debate about which one it is.)

From Newsday:

Beyoncé, aka Sasha Fierce, shocked fans early Thursday when she posted a series of photos to her Instagram account debuting a short, blond pixie cut. Her dark brown roots still visible, Queen Bey poses in front of a mirror, apparently loving her new look.

Fans, who "liked" the photos each nearly 250,000 times (and counting), posted mixed reactions in the comments, from "don't be like Miley" to "CUTE!!!!"

There is much to be considered with this new 'do on the diva of all divas…

The global consensus: She looks great.

But of course it can't end there.

The Daily Mail proclaimed "at last!" The Huffington Post deemed the new look "epic." "Beyoncé cut her hair short. Cue global freakout," warned Refinery 29.


After all, there is so much to analyze, right? Was it because of damage from the fan incident? Will her dancing suffer without the ability to flip? Most of all, what does this mean for every non-Beyoncé black woman in the world?

Quite possibly, not a whole lot.

That's why plenty of people are already wishing that the Instagram-inspired conversation about the implications of the new look will be, well, cut short.

I dont think women will be rushing to copy Beynonsense's hair. Straight short hair is difficult to maintain. Women already know that.

— Jessica Danielle (@NFLGoodwitch) August 8, 2013

Yall actin like no one ever had a Short cut before. Halle Berry and Nia Long been making us want short hair. Its just too much work.

— Jessica Danielle (@NFLGoodwitch) August 8, 2013


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