Betty Shelby Returns to Cushy Desk Job With Tulsa, Okla. Police Department After Killing Unarmed Black Motorist Terence Crutcher

Betty Shelby (Tulsa, Okla, Police Department)
Betty Shelby (Tulsa, Okla, Police Department)

Tulsa, Okla., Police Officer Betty Shelby is back working a “desk job,” keeping the community safe, after killing an unarmed black motorist whose car had broken down on a highway late last year, the Associated Press reports.


Shelby was acquitted of manslaughter earlier this month in the shooting death of Terence Crutcher. Shelby claimed that she had shot Crutcher out of fear, believing that he had a gun, when, in fact, he was unarmed and did not have a gun in his broken-down vehicle, either.


On Friday it was announced that Shelby would be allowed to return to the police force for active duty, although it was stated that she “will not be assigned in a patrol capacity” ... because, you know, that makes everything better.

On Tuesday, Shelby’s attorney Shannon McMurray confirmed that Shelby is working in an “administrative” role, although she declined to specify exactly what role, citing concern for the officer’s safety.


Read more at ABC News.

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Between this is the murder of the 7 year old boy, I think I am done with the internet today.

Why in the world would it ever be ok for her to return to work so soon, even if in an administrative capacity? No mention of a debriefing or training that she need to undergo? This is the course the department wants to take? And officers wonder why nobody takes them seriously, respects them, etc. It’s because actions like this make it loud and clear that you can murder someone in cold blood and go about your business like it is no big deal. I still can’t get over how she looked in the courtroom, acting like a scared victim. This is a crying shame.