BET is on the cusp of making one of the best decisions they have made in years … maybe even decades. According to the official Twitter page of the canceled CW sitcom, “The Game,” the process of BET ordering a new season of the majority black sitcom has begun.

Seeing as how BET is, in my opinion, one of the worst representations of black culture in the entire universe, adding new episodes of The Game to their programming might just be what it takes to save the network from complete cultural humiliation. But before I can extend a kudos to the folks at BET, I have to insist on a few non-negotiable requests on behalf of my beloved sitcom; not only for my viewing pleasure, but for the comeback of the series to survive.

1. If you have to replace any of the characters or if writers don’t agree to come back, then don’t even bother bringing the show back. The last thing loyal viewers want is a change in the cast we know and love or subpar scripts. One of the things that made the show so popular was the dynamic chemistry between the actors, the witty lines and the thoroughly crafted character development. The slightest dip in those crucial aspects will cause loyal viewers, like me, to jump ship immediately.

2. If you are going to do this, BET, you have to do it right. Please put more thought into the execution of this program than you have into your previous shows, such as the BET Awards, the Frankie & Neffe Show and Hell Date. In short, no cooning; we’ve had enough.

3. Turn it into an hourlong dramatic comedy. The idea was originally presented to the CW by Mara Brock Akil, and as far as I’m concerned, the chick can do no wrong in the TV business.

Me thinks that if these guidelines are followed, there may be hope for BET after all.


is an intern at The Root and senior journalism major at Howard University.