B. Scott (Instagram)
B. Scott (Instagram)

We wouldn't quite call it an apology, but two days after the BET Awards aired, the network has responded to fashion blogger B. Scott, who said the network made him tone down his feminine look before he made his appearance on the pre-awards show.


A BET representative called the incident (in which Scott, who is openly gay, said he was told to change from his flowing black tunic and black pants to a more conservative suit and asked to pull his long black hair back in a ponytail and not to wear heels) a "miscommunication" that was an "unintentional offense."

Here's BET's statement to the Associated Press:

"BET Networks embraces global diversity in all its forms and seeks to maintain an inclusive workforce and a culture that values all perspectives and backgrounds," the statement read. "The incident with B. Scott was a singular one with a series of unfortunate miscommunications from both parties. We regret any unintentional offense to B. Scott and anyone within the LGBT community and we seek to continue embracing all gender expressions."


It's possible that "miscommunication" here translates loosely to "everyone on Twitter saw how backward and crazy we were being, so it was time to say something."

Scott hasn't responded yet.

Read more at the Associated Press.

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