HOMEWRECKERS: I wouldn't necessarily say that Kai's piece on sub-prime mortgages was ahead of its time, but I would say that it was right…on…time… A few months later, the conservative commentariat was trying its best to blame the collapse of the financial sector on "unqualified minority borrowers." Yeah, right. Because black people control all the money around this campfire. In The Root's inaugural year, Kai has definitely held down all those non-sexy but crucial topics—the sub-prime lending crisis, voter suppression, etc.

ROLL OUT, LUDA: "PostBourgie" had this to say about the Luda piece at the time.

Do these people know that there's a black president? That it's fixin' to be 2009? That the revolution will not go better with Coke?

— David Swerdlick is a regular contributor to The Root.

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