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For someone who went to school for as many years as Ben Carson did to become a neurosurgeon, he sure is an idiot. He says a lot of incredibly dumb things, and this latest is no exception. Carson said Wednesday that it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have any experience in housing policy, and that anyone who questions his qualifications is stupid.


HuffPost reports that Carson was at a function hosted by The Hill when he addressed questions about whether or not he was qualified to be head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

“You know, people are so stupid,” Carson said, and went on to explain that it didn’t matter if he had the experience; what mattered was his ability to lead the people who do have the experience.

“I guarantee the CEO of Massachusetts General or Johns Hopkins … probably don’t know a lot about infectious diseases, but they have a lot of people who do know about those things. By coordinating and creating a vision and creating an atmosphere where the synergies work, they create a very successful organization,” he said.

First of all, the CEO of Mass General has spent his entire medical career at that hospital, starting with his residency in 1992. Not only did he train in both internal medicine and pediatrics, but he continues to practice as a primary care physician in internal medicine.


Second of all, the CEO of Johns Hopkins is a molecular immunologist who did a postdoctoral fellowship in biochemistry.

Third of all, shut the fuck up, Ben Carson.

I’m sure you are still feeling some type of way about how Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) took your ass down Tuesday during the Financial Services Committee hearing with the department you head. You couldn’t answer any of his questions on the budget cuts that you are in charge of making, and you looked dumb.


You looked dumb because even if that was information you weren’t familiar with, a smart leader who knew he was going to be testifying on these things should have had one of his subordinates gather those numbers for him and put them on index cards or something.

But no. You got your ignorant ass up there and tried to sass Al Green and talk in circles, and basically came out looking like the chump you are.

I want to call you a bunch of names that I promised my bosses Danielle Belton, Genetta Adams and Yesha Callahan I wouldn’t use in my posts, so instead, I will just say this:

You got set up, good sir.

(“Good sir” is the two-word phrase I use in mixed company instead of the n-word. So every time you see “good sir,” substitute the n-word, and you will get my deeper meaning here, “good sir.”)  


Anyway, you got set up, my good sir. Donald Trump hooked you up the bomb. HUD is about to make huge cuts that are going to impact people who look like you and come from the same background as you but don’t have the same opportunities that you had—and you, good sir, are going to be the face of those cuts.

It’s sad that you are either unaware of or uneducated about these cuts and how they are going to affect the people who depend on housing vouchers to live.


You, good sir, tried to convince people that your background as a poor black child was enough to help you understand the plight of people in the inner city, but just like many good sirs who leave the hood and start living a different life, you forgot where you came from. That’s all bad, good sir.

In any case, you are proving that being a good leader is not enough when it comes to a job as important as the one you were handed by the dotard in chief. Y’all both stupid.


Do yourself a favor. Educate yourself on urban housing policy. When the dumpster fire that is this administration burns down to ashes, people are going to remember who did what to whom, and you, good sir, will be the face of the department that shit on and displaced poor people who couldn’t afford better housing.

When that day comes, and it will, the reckoning is going to be swift and furious. I won’t feel sorry for you when that happens. You will deserve every bit of shame that is heaped upon you as a result of your participation in this fuckery.


In the meantime, fuck you, Ben Carson.

Good sir.

News Editor for The Root. I said what I said. Period.

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