‘Because of Our Christian Race...’ Mississippi Venue Won’t Do Gay or Mixed Race Weddings

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A video allegedly showing an employee of an event venue saying they won’t host “gay weddings” or “mixed race” nuptials because of her religion has gone viral, sparking an uproar on social media.


And take one guess where it was located.

Mississippi, goddamn!

On Saturday, LaKambria Welch shared a video on Facebook showing a woman who allegedly worked at Boone’s Camp Event Hall saying the space would not allow certain couples to get married due to their Christian faith.

“FYI, if you’re a mixed-race couple, please do NOT inquire Boones Camp for a wedding venue. They will not accommodate you if you’re ‘gay’ or ‘mixed race’ due to their ‘Christian beliefs,’” Welch wrote in a post with the video of her speaking with the woman.

Welch claimed the event space—located in Booneville, Miss., in the northern part of the Magnolia State near the Alabama and Tennessee borders—informed her brother, who is black, that he could not rent the event space for his wedding with his fiancée, who is a white woman, because of these “beliefs.”

“The owner took a look at my brother’s fiancée’s page and wrote her back to say they won’t be able to get married there because of her beliefs,” Welch revealed to the Deep South Voice website. “He told my mom and she contacted the owner through messenger to only get a ‘seen’ with no reply. That’s when I took it upon myself to go get clarification on her beliefs.”

Welch said she drove to the venue to find out why her brother could not have his wedding at the venue.

She also got receipts of how janky for Jesus these folks really were.

“First of all, we don’t do gay weddings or mixed race, because of our Christian race—I mean our Christian belief,” the unidentified woman—bearing an unflattering “Tires for Tots” tee-shirt is heard saying in the video.


Welch then responds: “Okay we’re Christians as well, so... What in the Bible tells you that?”

The woman tells her that she’s doesn’t want to “argue” her faith.

“We just don’t participate. We just choose not to,” the woman concludes in a nice-nasty tone.


Welch asks the woman to confirm that it’s her “Christian belief” in regard to not having same-sex or mixed-race weddings at the venue.

The woman nods her head and says, “Yes ma’am.”

As of Monday morning, the video has more than 42,000 views and has been shared nearly 1,000 times, drawing over 1,500 comments.


“It’s SO sad that RACISM is still going on in 2019. I never knew God to discriminate but as I’ve said before, everyone will have their time with him. I just hope it’s all worth it,” Welch wrote in her post.

The Facebook link for Boone’s Camp Event Hall is unavailable, meaning it may have been disabled.


On Monday, Welch said that couple, whose identity has not been revealed, is still in search of a convenient venue.

As far as the reaction her initial Facebook post caused, it came as a surprise.

“From the moment I posted the video, I didn’t expect it to grow as big as it did,” she told The Root. “My only intentions were to warn my own community and surrounding areas.”


“Once it began receiving so much love and support, I kind of knew where it would go from there,” she added. “So far, 98 percent of people have been very uplifting and shown an insurmountable amount of love and kindness. I’ve received so many private messages from photographers, wedding venues, etc.”

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Their Facebook page was up again for about 20 minutes, the owner wrote a suuuuper long “apology” because she says she spent all night reading the bible and GUESS WHAT there’s nothing in there about mixed race marriages so hey, everything’s good now! I mean, I’m sure they’ll still discriminate against gay people and stuff but who cares! They’re only as racist as the Bible allows!  As you might imagine, the responses they got were swift, brutal, and numerous and now their FB page is gone again. Fuckers.