'Basketball Wives' Recap: Here's Tami!

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Guess who else is back? Our home girl Tami! Tami was missing in action last week for the Royce-and-Evelyn wineglass-slinging brouhaha, but she's now back to Warren G this whole situation. But before she can do that, we first have to talk about Suzie.


I've come to the conclusion that Suzie is simple. That can be the only explanation. For some reason, she's desperate for Royce to get along with Jennifer, Evelyn and Shaunie, despite the fact that Royce has stated quite clearly that this just ain't happenin'. But when Royce tells our little friend that "I don’t want to be friends with them," Suzie doesn't hear that. Instead she hears, "I must ask Royce again to be friends with Evelyn, Jenn and Shaunie one thousand more times."

Meanwhile, our favorite needs-subtitles-when-he-speaks former NBA journeyman player, Eric Williams' Teeth, is back. Turns out that Royce is still tweeting with the brother, which perturbs the newly ex-Mrs. Eric Williams' Teeth to no end. But that's not all.

Eric Williams' Teeth has turned into a movie producer, complete with big sunglasses, a popped collar and a big, unexplained knot on his forehead. And he wants Suzie to "star" in his production. Why, you ask? Suzie's character in Eric Williams' Teeth Joint robs men blind, which is why Eric Williams' Teeth thought Suzie would be perfecto.

Suzie says she's going to turn down the part, probably because she's too busy trying to convince Royce to like people she hates. And because she just can't let it go, she continues to annoy not only Royce with this "let's be friends" talk but also Ashley (remember her?).

Ashley is dating Skip 2 My Lou, aka Rafer Alston, and she has an announcement. She's actually engaged to be married! This means she can be a real basketball wife, which probably means that Shaunie won't let her stay on the show.

No episode would be complete without Messy Meeka. Messy Meeka continues on her quest to get knocked out by Tami. After Suzie invites her to an "exclusive" Miami Beach Polo event, Messy Meeka calls Jenn to ask if her "allies" will come with her. Yep, Jenn says, she and Evelyn are on board.


Suzie, on the other hand, has invited Royce and Tami. Tami gets a rundown of the previous episode's kerfuffle, and you just know that Tami's loaded for bear. But our oblivious Suzie tells us that she's trying to bring "peace and love to the whole event." Sigh.

Of course, when we get to the polo event, all of the women get to the same table, where Messy Meeka tries to jump raw on Tami in an attempt to curry favor with Evelyn and Jenn. She asks Tami if she's been drinking. She accuses Tami of liking drama.


Look, when it comes to knockin' folks out, there are people who talk and people who do. Tami is a doer, believe that. We can see that Messy Meeka is aiming for a future beat-down. But Tami is tryin', y'all, with every fiber in her body, not to knock out Messy Meeka. And to her credit, she walks away. But she does tell Royce afterward, "If she's gonna take it there, I'm gonna finish it." And I believe that. Real talk.

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