Basketball Player Chauncey Hardy Killed in Romanian Bar

Chauncey Hardy, 23, was murdered at a Romanian bar. (Google)
Chauncey Hardy, 23, was murdered at a Romanian bar. (Google)

The Associated Press is reporting that American basketball player Chauncey Hardy, 23, was killed after celebrating a team win at a bar in Bucharest, Romania. Some news outlets are reporting that he was beaten by a gang of Romanian thugs because he cheered for his team. Others say that he was attacked for asking a woman to dance. While reports vary, the end result is the same: Chauncey Hardy died from injuries he sustained in the fight. Hardy's alleged killer, Ionut Adrian Tanasoaia, surrendered to police early Monday.


Hardy, who was in a coma at the scene of the crime, was taken to a local hospital after the beating. The former Sacred Heart standout died shortly after undergoing surgery in a Bucharest hospital on Sunday. He played for CSS Giurgiu in southern Romania.

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