After seeing an increase in her monthly mortgage because of a bank error, Mary Mitchell writes in her Chicago Sun-Times column that it's no wonder Occupy Wall Street protesters are so angry. While she can come up with the difference, she ponders the plight of the many Americans who cannot. 

… Banks used to be looked upon by many as helpful institutions. But today, a lot of people are resentful about the power banks have over our lives. After all, if you don’t have a credit card that was issued by a bank, you can hardly rent a car or register for a hotel room.

So when a bank arbitrarily raises a mortgage because it did a poor job taking care of its business, there’s little that can be done about it.

In this instance, my bank is making me pay for its flawed escrow system. As far as I’m concerned, that’s just the same as gouging customers with unfair fees.

But that’s OK. This is one reason the Occupy movement won’t just fade away.

They speak for a lot of people who are fed up with abominable greed.

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