Baltimore Ravesn All-Pro safety Ed Reed

The Baltimore Ravens beat the Kansas City Chiefs (30-7) on Sunday with their legendary defense. Six-time All-Pro safety Ed Reed played in the AFC wildcard game in spite of reports that the police had called off the search for his missing brother, Brian Reed. Ed Reed suited up and showed up, helping the Ravens win the game with four tackles, including a major hit in the third quarter.

Brian Reed, who struggled with alcohol and drug abuse, was last seen allegedly fleeing the police and jumping into the Mississippi River. The 29-year-old had been stopped Friday while driving a vehicle that authorities believed was stolen. Police later found his jacket and shoes abandoned by the river. He is now feared dead.

Despite the dire circumstances facing his family, Reed played in the game because he said that's what his brother would want him to do. Reed held it together during the game but broke down during the postgame speech when he was awarded the game ball. Reed said, "I know my brother loved football. He wanted to beat Pittsburgh. I want the bowl. Let's do it, baby." Can you say "heart of a champion"?

Read more and check out video of the postgame speech at Yahoo Sports.

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