Baltimore Jail Officers Accused of Taking Bribes, Peddling Drugs

Rod Rosenstein, Maryland U.S. attorney
Rod Rosenstein, Maryland U.S. attorney

A cadre of Baltimore corrections officers reportedly worked with members of a notorious prison gang to peddle drugs, phones and sex inside the city's jail and have been indicted, CNN reports.

Saying the indictment reads like a script from the canceled HBO crime drama The Wire, CNN reports that prosecutors announced charges against 14 additional corrections officers.

In making the announcement, the U.S. attorney's office for Maryland says the alleged unlawful acts of the Black Guerrilla Family and a growing number of Baltimore jail guards has gone on for too long.


"Correctional officers were in bed with BGF inmates," said U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, CNN reports. He wasn’t just speaking metaphorically. According to one indictment, purported gang member Tavon White had a sexual relationship with four jail guards while incarcerated. He impregnated all four of them, and they all helped him smuggle items in prison, the indictment says.

Correctional officers were reportedly bribed to bring in drugs, cell phones and other items, which were hidden under clothing, "inside body cavities," even in sandwiches, CNN reports. Relatives of some inmates who were not gang members, were forced to pay protection money, according to CNN.

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