Baltimore High School Student Charged With Attempted Murder in Violent Cafeteria Attack

Screenshot of the video that Baltimore authorities say shows Sean Johnson beating up a fellow football player
Baltimore Sun

A student at Baltimore’s Frederick Douglass High School is facing attempted-murder charges in a violent attack on his football teammate who he believed stole a piece from his football helmet, school officials told the Baltimore Sun. The brutal beat-down occurred in the school cafeteria and was caught on video and posted online. The video shows one student repeatedly punching his schoolmate in the head and face before stomping on the boy’s bloody head.

Sean Johnson, 17, was charged as an adult with first- and second-degree attempted murder and assault, the news site notes.


According to the charging documents, Sean approached his teammate asking if he stole the visor from his football helmet, which the victim denied. Nonetheless, authorities allege, Sean began “hitting [the teen] in the face causing him to fall to the floor unconscious.”

According to the documents, the teen victim “was having a seizure while lying in a pool of his own blood.” The unidentified victim eventually regained consciousness but was still unresponsive, according to the documents. The student suffered a concussion, cuts and bruises to the face, a nose fracture and swelling. He will need surgery to repair the damage to his face.


According to the Sun, the victim is still in the hospital, in stable condition.

Read more at the Baltimore Sun.

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