Azealia 'Where Are Your Bookings' Banks Accuses Beyoncé of Stealing and Drags Her Fashion Sense

Azealia Banks performs for fans during Splendour in the Grass on July 25, 2015 in Byron Bay, Australia.
Azealia Banks performs for fans during Splendour in the Grass on July 25, 2015 in Byron Bay, Australia.
Photo: Cassandra Hannagan (Getty Images)

I want a friend for Azealia Banks. I really and truly do. The type of friend who can sit there for hours and say “mmm hmmm, I know right” to your various grievances while scrolling through her Instagram and occasionally showing you funny memes and bomb looks.


The type of friend who, when you say, “I should say something about [insert thing you should definitely keep to yourself here],” will say in response, “Girl, let’s just go to IHOP.”

Azealia took a shot at Queen Bey on her Instagram Stories Friday night, accusing Beyoncé of “always stealing from other talented women”—in this case, choreography—and dragged her outfits, accusing the global pop star of wanting to “be a regular bitch.”

Here’s a quick run down of accusations:

1. One of her Azealia’s former dancers lifted choreography from Azealia and gave it to Beyoncé.

2. Beyoncé should just hire Azealia because she’s looking for a job, I mean, because “even though Coachella was was still more of the same.

3. Beyoncé is a hypocrite who promotes female empowerment but steals from other women.

4. Beyoncé needs to humble herself and “accept the visions full projects women who admire her put together for her.”

5. “We don’t need any more Beyoncé thot moments.” [Editor’s note: EXCUSE ME. What is my aspiration in life? It’s for the entirety of it to be one long Beyoncé thot moment.]

6. “What’s next? A Beyoncé fashion nova collaboration.” [Editor’s note: Azealia, honey, were are your bookings? What’s your planner looking like?]

7. “I have no clue why she wants to be a regular bitch. It makes me sad.”

For the record: Beyoncé has been accused of biting choreography before, the most famous example being her “Countdown” video, which bore some striking similarities to a video made by a Belgian choreographer.

Beyoncé responded to the accusations of plagiarism by the choreographer, telling the New York Times, “Clearly, the ballet ‘Rosas Dansts Rosas’ was one of my references for for my video,’ Countdown. It was one of the inspirations used to bring the feel and the look of the song to life.’

The question that the Good Morning America hosts debated, and that is always worth debating, is when influence crosses into plagiarism, or “stealing.”


Which brings us back to Azealia, who has made quite the habit of coming for the necks of black artists who’ve carved out more industry success than she has (See: Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and oh look, Beyoncé again.)

This is her “Count Contessa” video, which is basically just her waving her arms around in a black and white cutout swimsuit on a beach (she’s later joined by a scantily clad woman and some CGI flames.)



Maybe the choreo she described never made her actual “Count Contessa” video?


Idk, girl. Want to get something to eat? Let’s try that new Applebee’s today.

Staff writer, The Root.


Flamingo83 pt2

I want to be on her side but she makes all these problems for herself. She acts out like a teenager raging against the unfair world, when she had a career, money but she wants Beyoncé level fame. Her entitlement irks me especially when she acts like a victim.