Arizona continues to keep it classy.

Having already passed legislation that makes any one who looks Mexican-ish a candidate for harassment, the Arizona legislature is trying to pass a bill that would keep children born to illegal immigrants from being citizens of the United States. If only the pesky Constitution weren't standing in their way! As the Urban Politico notes:

You really have to give it to Arizona.  If you're going to discriminate, don't half-ass it like these other cowards.  No sir!  You go ALL IN!!!  I can respect it.  Really, I can.  This kind of brass balls hatred has been missing in recent politics. It's about time people just came right out with it and stated their true feelings.  No more of this beat around the bush, passive aggressive, politically correct crap. Let us know how you REALLY feel.

Rarely do Constitutional issues become more straight forward than that, folks.  In fact, this law, if passed by Arizona, is so clearly unconstitutional that it might actually leap frog over the "Papers Please" law in the race to the SCOTUS.

SOURCE: The Urban Politico