Tonja Renée Stidhum
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5/11/21 12:49PM

I’m only commenting because the only other comment at the moment is by a persistent pest who, for some reason, has yet to be cancelled.

5/05/21 3:17PM

Beautifully written. I last hugged my dad in December 2019. Since my mom died in 2013, we've seen him every summer and every other Christmas. This summer can't get here soon enough.

3/05/21 1:02PM

Off topic, but does this mean that Vice is going to have a show called Showtime? 

2/08/21 11:26AM

Harold needs to go down In history as the man who made a slice of white bread palatable. Granted, you have to top It with chicken and mild sauce, but... still.

9/03/20 9:54AM

Thank you for this, Tonja. This show is black. I mean it’s pig feet and chitterlings with hot sauce black! FYI, you forgot one ‘ism in your description. Do gooder classism is also present. Notice how Andre’ wanders about the town he’s from now that he’s returned home an educated man. That sort of explains why he’s Read more

8/21/20 12:43PM

DJ D-Nice doing a “D Tour”? First the DNC now DC Fandome? LOL!

7/14/20 11:10AM

Yo the jokes about Barris stretching a brick are funny but if we are keeping it two virgils - Old-ish & and Man-ish are pretty necessary stories even if they are not tackled in Barris’ -Ish Cinematic Universe. We NEED someone to write stories about black empty-nester/retirees in 2020.

And save for Atlanta.. we don’t Read more

7/10/20 2:47PM

I guess it’s a good thing this was on a gospel album because this is NOT the gang banging I was expecting.

7/10/20 1:00PM

This is legitimately one of the funniest fucking things I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂😂 Read more

7/10/20 11:51AM

I don’t know why, but this is not the kind of ‘gang banging’ I was expecting. Thought it would be something along the lines of the old blues songs like ‘Back door man’. Either way, pretty hilarious and unexpected.

6/24/20 5:55PM

Yep, Black America, it’s way past time that We The Black People dealt with this bullshit. Time to call out these motherfuckers who we made into the leaders of the community and hit the re-set button on that major fucking mistake. This can not continue.

5/25/20 10:51AM

Before everything shut down people told me this was one of the best thrillers they had seen in years. I will now check it out as Moss looks amazing in the clips I have seen. Hodge is proving to be a versatile and talented actor. I mean from MC Ren to Hidden Figures to Undeground everything he is in has been excellent

5/18/20 4:06PM

I just hope we get a Lester to Clay Davis “deez nutz” smile and one good sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet in there