Tonja Renée Stidhum
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5/05/21 1:46PM

Aw, thanks for reading! I am way happier here, despite always having primary love for my city. I’ve wanted to live in LA since I realized screenwriting was a thing, so I’m enjoying it.

5/05/21 1:45PM

Beach and hugs is pure bliss! When my mama comes to visit me in LA in our big reunion event this year, this what we doing. 

9/03/20 1:24PM

pig feet and chitterlings with hot sauce” Black is exactly the Black it is! And yeah, my list wasn’t comprehensive (there’s more I’m sure I left out for various reasons including avoiding spoilers, which is why I inserted “and more”) and I knew I was going to forget something...but I did have in my head to insert Read more

9/01/20 10:47PM

Word. I was in this moment just last year. Still settling in the moment right now. When I got to that part, I was gutted. Whew. 

7/10/20 6:32PM

I am glad to share this gift that was shared with me! Literally was my source of laughter for hours, all day yesterday. Still laughing about it now.

7/10/20 6:31PM

LOL trust me, the whole time I was writing this like... so I bet people are gonna think I was talking about...

7/02/20 7:47PM

LOL I ain’t forget, the newest version is a literal continuation of the 2000 character (and I referenced it when the newer one came out), I was making sure people wouldn’t assume they were adding the latest one.

6/03/20 5:14PM

Yes thank you!! I knew it was something else to reference, but I couldn’t remember. I saw it on Twitter. That was EPIC! 

6/02/20 2:48PM

Lol ok. As I said before, whether they had prior support or not, they’re gonna get called out when they fuck up. No one is exempt. Have a good one!

6/01/20 5:35PM

I have no clue who “ya’ll” refers to as I never “hoped” any such thing, but I know these folks gonna get called out for their rhetoric on this platform whether they had “hope” or not. I know that much!