Monique Judge
News Editor for The Root. I said what I said. Period.
9/08/20 1:51PM

If you are at BK and you aren’t getting the Big King XL, you are doing it wrong.

9/08/20 1:47PM

I will stand by this statement: fish and cheese do not mix.

9/08/20 1:46PM

I’ll eat a lot of crap food but I draw the line at fast food fish.  Its right their with 7-11 sushi as food I won’t touch with a 20 foot pole

9/08/20 1:46PM

Don’t ever post a picture of a filet of fish.....unless you have two of them ready for me to eat. Two things, you gotta stay alert for the times during the year when they have the two filet of fishes for $5. It’s a limited time offer but when it happens take advantage of it. Secondly, at the beginning of the pandemic Read more

9/08/20 1:37PM

Every once in a while I get the need for some McDonald’s fries. So, as I always do, I check the app and smile when I see that $1 Large Fry deal. I get on the line with in-app coupon ready for scanning and look to the value menu for something to enjoy with my near-free fries. Every single time I reflexively think, what Read more

9/08/20 1:34PM

I’ve always liked the Big Fish at BK’s better and they’re 2 for5$ now. McD’s fish was never crispy. Big Fish is a better sandwich.

9/08/20 1:32PM

Filet O’ Fish? Yeah you on that limb alone.

9/08/20 1:30PM

Those McDonald’s hankerings aren’t like any other. Usually, when I drive past the one by the job, the line is out the parking lot...but not last Friday. I just needed a Big Mac and Large Fries, hold the gallon of soda, thanks. I probably should have just pulled over instead of driving with my knees but I had places to Read more

9/08/20 1:26PM

It’s not a Fat Burger but... the big mac (lower case because I know, I know...) is tasty for some reason. It’s like, I know it’s trash. I know the patties are paper thing and flavorless on their own. I know their crap can’t be reheated. I know that “special sauce” is a little too special but... I return to that burger Read more

9/08/20 1:25PM

The Filet-O-Fish has fucking cheese on it? Jesus. Also, yes, $5 seems very steep. Is there a pandemic-related fish shortage or something? If we start seeing “market price” on the McD’s drive through menu, we’ll know something’s up.

9/08/20 1:24PM

$2.49 max and McD’s would still be at a 100% markup on the product. Just talking a little business. 

9/08/20 1:16PM

This is fair. Garbage food of questionable provenance should be cheap. That’s why we eat it, fast, cheap, and so full of salt and preservatives there’s no way it can taste bad. If the garbage food starts to cost almost the same amount as something that actually tastes good, then what’s the point of the garbage food Read more