Monique Judge
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Thursday 12:31AM

You are projecting, baby. Where in any of those tweets did anyone say you can’t enjoy it? Pointing out the irony of something is not the same as saying YOU CAN’T ENJOY THIS. The irony and the celebration can both exist at the same time. Read more

12/10/20 5:11PM

I’m going to tweet @ her with a link to this post so you can get it, missy 

9/15/20 5:32PM

Yo. That  shit fucked me all the way up. I wasn’t prepared for them to show the bomb going off around his neck. 

4/03/20 4:35PM

Earlier today I said he looks like the evil villain in the original Willy Wonka movie with Gene Wilder. 

3/05/20 3:11PM

To all the white people crying in the comments, I’mma just leave this here for your slow asses: Read more

10/09/19 7:22PM

Weight is a street term referring to selling drugs in large quantities. In other words, he wasn't selling dime bags or zips (ounces), he was selling by the pound.