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“If you’ve never been Black surrounded by a constant overwhelm of White—at school, your place of work, in your neighborhood—just know there can never be enough memoirs, screenplays or comedies to exhaust the complex experience.” Read more

“You didn’t create a conversation, Colin Kaepernick did that. You hijacked it for a check.”

This is the article for which my spirit has been searching. It perfectly captures the reasons for my disappointment and disgust with this horrid choice made shamelessly. Read more

You say “we” should play it, too. White people are insulted from the effects of their choices quite often. Black people don’t have the luxury of playing a long ‘game’... because people die in the mean time. People starve in the meantime. People go to jail or remain unemployed in the mean time. The long game is about Read more

Damn, Michael. You brought the heat and it is well-deserved. Read more

I genuinely love your writing, Michael, and agree with you on most points but nobody who sounds like a mannish teenager arguing with his mother can ever be considered the GOAT! Anybody who allows others to put him on a pedestal approximating God gets no adoration from me. No one who brags about having the finest Read more

What ‘your people’ want is for Blacks to become Billionaires NOT by stealing from other Blacks nor profiting off their deprivation. Read more

Hov and Beysus are treated like a gods. (Yes I know these names are used in jest)  Read more

Honestly, I wouldn’t care, so long as their activism wasn’t so arbitrary with their “pick and choose.” Like with Kanye and his wife, they pick certain things to get involved with, which turns getting support for activism into a fucking gofundme. With all that money, they should have a foundation that actively seeks Read more

Jay-Z and his wife have long been swagger jackers. Read more

I got my fingers crossed, but I’m not going to be shocked if the sum total of this partnership ends up being slightly better than usual superbowl halftime shows, and more zeroes on Jay’s net worth.
Read more

That Shirley, the black piano-playing virtuoso around whom the plot revolves, is considered the supporting character in this film tells you almost everything you need to know. Read more


Stealing something from someone else and claiming it as your own is american as racism and slavery.
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The Canadians also played a HUGE role in the operation to rescue those hostages, and guess, THE CANADIANS WERE PISSED. Adding a car chase to a movie “based on actual events” to increase the suspense is cinematic license. Erasing a person or a group’s role in history, or completing distorting that history, is insulting Read more

Can I make a profit making movie about one of your dead relatives who was notoriously private? Hey, he told me it was OK, and not to make it until after they were dead. Read more

When the family of the topic of your film, a family you claim you didn’t know existed, takes a steaming dump all over your film would it be wise to award said film the highest honor it could possibly receive? Yeah didn’t think so. I really don’t know why people get so worked up over this but they do. Do you really Read more

The Oscars awards a deliberatly long term plan to colonize/ discover/ highjack a story of racial reconciliation/understanding; Read more

He wanted to make a movie about his daddy; but, his father was an unremarkable man. So, he stole the legacy of a talented musician and the history of Black Americans to elevate his father’s average life (and make some money). Read more