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Thank you so so much for including Black Girl, Bleu in this list! As a multi-article contributor to The Root, this surprise is an honor. Much love! Read more

There is, and it breaks my heart to have to list their names and causes of death year after year. Read more

It is truly an honor and privilege. Thank you for reading. Each year, I am reminded of how amazing we are, of how beautiful we are, and how precious life is! Read more

Dawn, thank you for reading and commenting. Know that I, nor The Root, have forgotten or will ever forget the women in this country who have died from violence. We regularly tell the stories of black women and girls whose lives were taken by those they trusted. Read more

Thank you for the addendum. It’s very sad, and what he did is, like you stated, the definition of love. Read more

Yes! This is my second time creating this list, and every time I’m reminded of the gift of life, including the need to take care of myself - mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, every day. It seems like more and more people are dying young. Read more

In addition to what Genetta and Yesha said, he was a public figure in the black community who died in 2017, which is why he’s on the list. Read more

Yes, we should celebrate Harriet every month, but Ms. Johnson does more than presentations. She also gives tours of the Tubman estate, and she and her family celebrate Harriet’s legacy each day.
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I know you’re waiting for Arthur to respond, but thought I’d share my thoughts too. Read more

I don’t believe that it has to be a choice between the two. I believe that we are beings with critical thinking skills who can glean what we need from those before us to inform, prepare and execute the work in front of us.
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