Panama Jackson
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1/09/19 3:12PM

I completely understand your thinking.  I'm Black on both sides, but those Black cultures are different.  I'm also a Northerner by birth, so there are some Southern things that fly over my head.  While I totally get not wanting to explain Every Little Thing, you have to also understand that not everyone will Read more

10/18/18 2:51PM

Congratulations, PJ. I have watched a few of the tagged video’s and enjoyed viewing them and all the pictures. You’re right, she is amazing. That was quite the wedding planning! She did a great job, fabulous! I’m happy for you, man. Read more

2/21/18 11:27AM

Very attractive family. (I was going to add: except for the doofus in the baseball cap. But, I decided not to do that. And I’m glad I made that decision.)

2/02/18 11:38AM

As I was reading all of those highly irrelevant tangents I found myself thinking “how did we get here? The premise of this article is how this poor dude winds up inexplicably inside of a Target store and purchases things he hadn’t intended to...oh.” Well played.

9/25/17 3:26PM

Panama, thanks for writing this. It’s rather disturbing how vocal we are about racial injustices while having little regard (corrosive vitriol) for anyone who deviates from “the script”. I was heartened by Damon’s peace. Yes, I am a Black woman. Yes, I LOVE BLACK MEN. Past and present, in the U.S. and around the Read more

9/01/17 2:46PM

I wish I had read this article last night, would’ve prevented me from eating a peanut butter and raw onion sandwhich. I’m so mad at myself for giving into that white nonsense. Never again.