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Monday 8:14PM

I was citing the Kanye song though since a large part of his song is about his father and the relationship they had of which he uses the Steely Dan song as the sample. So, the song EYE decided to use was the Kanye version for that reason.

5/28/21 3:29PM

Cube is mentioned in the piece and you I agree a case can be made, though I think Common has done more.

5/28/21 3:19PM

love or hate him lyrically, that’s immaterial to it. he does have classic albums. i’m speaking more to what he’s done with rap to turn it into a career. and how he has used hip hop to do all the other stuff. that’s what i’m using as as bar for best career...look at everything he’s done with it.

4/07/21 9:42PM

I laughed at this; and I dont think I’d ever get to “Pony” either on my list of GOAT songs. 

2/11/21 9:21AM

fair. that was in the part of the interview that got cut for language. them bay area dudes get extra hyphy when they don’t like the answers you’re giving them.

1/12/21 10:18AM

You know, when Damon and I started VSB, I never imagined that Talib Kweli would be one to say “Fuck VSB” and I’d be on the “Fuck Talib Kweli” train, but here we are. lol.

1/11/21 5:44PM

I hadn’t seen that. Or heard it, rather. I will definitely be listening to this.

9/15/20 2:35PM

yeah, it’s only 10. i could put the whole De La Soul is Dead album on there and called it a day.

9/03/20 9:13AM

I don’t know lol. He proved himself to be quite surly over the course of the day. This really could have just been his daily activities of living lol

8/28/20 11:53AM

had it been a statue of a confederate anything, then perhaps i’d have been less like, “huh, interesting they gloss over this.” but it’s a whole memorial that barely makes mention of it. It almost makes it seem like the memorial was just an uninhabited space that they turned into a memorial b/c of this particular Read more

8/28/20 10:25AM

i have no idea. i’m very curious about it all now actually. and like i said, it wouldn’t stop me from going, but as an avid overthinker, i was definitely like how come its not made clear or presented a little more publicly, even when walking onto the island. 

8/28/20 10:24AM

so, this is a conversation i have had as well. its probably safer to assume most places did do xyz, however, it is just interesting to me how NOT part of the memorial it is at all. like, its more of a passing mention. that strikes me as odd.

8/14/20 4:34PM

you blame producers for giving Nas wacksauce? he picks the beats he raps over. you think great producers hold out on Nas? I’d bet every single producer in the 90s/00s literally made and saved their best beats FOR the chance that Nas would come to them for beats.

7/31/20 10:20AM

i do agree about the fact that there is a whole ass group of singers nowadays who do all sound literally the exact same. i like some of them, but i couldn’t tell their voices apart, from kehlani to jhene to victoria monet. 

7/31/20 10:19AM

for the record, I do not think that Bow Wow is a hip hop legend. lol. i was just part of the convo as I was extremely entertained and curious about anybody who thinks that he IS in fact a hip hop legend.

7/30/20 5:49PM

lol. that’s one way to look at it. also, i dont know that i said she’s a good singer. but my point is mostly that we have put a lot of not good singers on huge pedestals. nobody in TLC could really sing (not even Chili) but they’re arguably the most successful all girl group in history. she’s no worse than folks we Read more