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Natalie Degraffinried is a senior editor for Kotaku.

Ari does indeed specialize in gaming tips and advice. But he’s not a “plant,” he’s a Kotaku editorial staffer just like the rest of us, in the union and everything. Please be respectful of him! Read more

I believe I was around 15 years old but I had just gotten a PS2 with Metal Gear Solid 2 from Gamestop. Now the problem was I did not have an memory card so anything I did in MGS didnt matter. Well I ended up beating MGS2 in one sitting, playing from 7-8am in the morning after my dad left to work and finishing up Read more

I was so let down when it wasn’t the Ball Guy who handed you the Master Ball.  Read more

I’m just happy Martin Callahan got an upgrade from his job as the Spacer’s Choice Moon Man.

The records change so quick lol. Shredberg no longer had the record I do. though I’m sure he’ll take it back eventually Read more

ayyyy, this was a fantastic review! One of the better ones in a while, if I’m being really honest Read more

I pretty much agree with most of what you said (I’ve played/reviewed the game myself here in Denmark), but I actually feel, that the painting part was more fun than the action part in the “end-game” :) Read more

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Please keep me in your thoughts during this difficult time, everybody.

I accidentally came across Grandia II in college almost 20 years ago. I was not prepared for the amazing gem of a game that I had in my hand. Sadly, lost my install disc somewhere in my moves (still got the play disc). But I always look back at it with fondess especially the combat system. (Leech + taunt = invincible Read more

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This is one of the few games from my teenage years where I can still remember, note for note, the opening theme.

This piece has hit me right in the feels. I am having almost the exact same experience as you right now - these games are full of optimism, adventure, and nostalgia! Read more

I reached New Parm last night. More than anything else, I’m impressed by the scripting and storywriting. I was laughing out loud! I know describing why something is funny kills the humor a bit, but bear with me.

This. 100% this! I owned Grandia II on the Dreamcast and actually preferred it to Skies of Arcadia (I’m a heretic, I know). The battle system is one of my favorite in any RPG, and I just love the color palette. Every location feels bright, distinct, and the polygons, while cruder by today’s standards, are the right Read more

The “sense of wonder” is actually one of the best ways to describe Grandia. Thanks for the great read. It’s definitely worth its price.
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Congratulations. You somehow made me care about sportsball and sportsing. Thank you for writing this article.  Read more