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Might could have helped with this joke, too

The Clevelander in me is stanning

Hey! I saw the review you mentioned and have not had similar problems using the same version (1.0.1). I’ve primarily been playing in handheld. The audio has run fine and I haven’t had any of the weird clipping that happened for that reviewer.

I’m not telling anyone to buy it or not buy it. I’m critiquing a game whose original I played and liked things about, just liked I played this version and, as I pretty clearly said, liked things about it. I also found some things about it asinine. *shrug*

Rin’s addition actually makes him *slightly* less frustrating overall, but all the original “Just say something, you ass” moments are still present and in full effect!

She suuuure is =) =) =) =) =)

Ehhhhh Idk, Ging Freecss might give him a run for his money!

I’ve actually fallen off recently, but for several years it was Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

OG Sonic the Hedgehog on the Genesis

Volleyball! My float serve is a killer, if I do say so myself

Probably Grandia 2. I’ve been listening to it for essentially decades now and still am not tired of it. There’s also an EXTREMELY WEIRD and great remix of one of the in-game hymns (which itself is written in Portuguese transliterated to Japanese) that includes...a random rap verse

Actually yeah, this track from the remix bumps it from consistent top 5 to consistent top 3 for me

It’s a team win for first with me and a bottle of tequila

Clear as a crisp spring morning!

Just one. You greedy, horrible people.