Almost comes across as the ‘tragic mulatto’ shit. After years of benefiting from mixed race/biracial privilege, comes this silliness. I’m so tired of these buffer class games. Go away Thandiwe, with your brand new African spelling. Smdfh Read more

I feel a bit too raw to read this right now, but I’m glad this article is already up. I feel immense gratitude to Dr. bell hooks for her work and it’s impact for sisters across the decades. She comes out of a Southern Black woman’s experience and her work helped Black women from Africa (like me) heal and grow. I’ve Read more

that Seth Meyers interview that was so clearly “let’s get ahead of this of this tabloid pregnancy story” and he looked so nervous. it was uncomfortable to watch. Read more

Can I also plead that we don’t need to know the layout of your entire house to hear about something scary that happened inside? The long, overly detailed and confusing architectural descriptions are nearly a convention at this point. Read more

You say you are not accusing her of cheating but that’s exactly what you did!! You essentially crapped all over her victory. WTF!!! Read more

Wow, TrumpsTinyHands, you should get in touch with the authorities and let them know all you know. They’re clearly being outsmarted by some kids from a small island who seem so pure, raised in rural parishes, running to school miles away as youngsters, identified by scouts from childhood, eating local organic farm Read more

It’s weird (?) no one mentions that he has South-Asian ancestry and that South-Asian people, men especially, typically are ranked somewhere at the very bottom of whom we consider to be attractive. Read more

The thing that surprises me about Biden’s Presidency so far is how little noise there seems to be at how he dodges and refuses to answer questions seemingly to the same degree as Trump with his near constant “I just want to talk about happy things” non-answer. Read more

Why do non black people have an opinion on something they have no experience with? Read more

I’m a dark brown Afro Latina that moved to the US from a Latin American country when I was 19. I have to laugh at the people in these comments who are (of course) bending over backwards to excuse the myriad of racism and colorism based casting decisions made for this movie. I’m going to go out on a limb here and Read more

Seeing a lot of tears in the greys. Colorism is a topic everybody loves to give lip service to but never has the courage to tackle; it's always a football to be kicked down the road. It truly is a firm brainwashing of virtually all poc. Read more

Hell, Doom Patrol has a sentient genderqueer street named Danny and, giant,a talking cockroach making out with a giant rat, and a sex demon named “Shadowy Mr. Evans”  and that show’s getting a third season somehow. Read more

there are definitely way more shows than ever, but i think ‘in the past’ it was a lot more trial by fire. ratings in general matter a lot less, and the highest rated show now basically gets ratings that would be considered shitty in 90s/00s. Read more

There’s been a lot of dislike and hate for Courtney online, which I understand to some extent; he was probably the most open about his strategy and he got a lot of residual blowback from the Savannah/Terilisha drama. But I for one really liked him, and thought that his use of the Joker persona to effectively frame Read more

I tried to like her show, but to be perfectly honest I find Singh annoying. Read more

The summer before I left my conservative Christian household for college, I got my very own laptop for the first time. Realizing this meant I could watch whatever I wanted, I secretly rented the entire SATC series on DVD and mainlined it in a couple months. It was the only thing that even halfway prepared me for the Read more

I find this counternarrative that the tremendous self-own that was all the reputation snakes was somehow successful to be baffling.  The upshot was that Ms. Swift eventually emerged as somebody the world has come to grips with as having the flaws of most normal humans...but the totally incoherent way she went about it Read more

But obviously, being an extraordinarily racist piece of an empire declining means he was ultimately a net good in the world, which is... rare? Because of something something divine right of kings probably. Read more